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Sparring Headgear – Kudo and Wing Chun

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The Dojo Surplus sparring headgear is designed for full contact sparring, offering protection to all areas of the head and face. The headgear is lightweight and features a clear, plastic mask with wide visibility and ventilation to aid in breathing and prevent fogging. Ear sections are bound and there is additional padding on the forehead and chin.

The headgear features a double lace fastening system. One lace is made to adjust for comfort and secure fit while the other other is tied to reduce movement and keep the head guard from coming off. Most notably, the chin of the mask is positioned a couple inches from the chin padding and the mask is secured in place by a lace, preventing the face mask from moving or collapsing into the soft areas of the face, such as the nose, during sparring.

This headgear is suitable for any full contact martial art, is popular in Wing Chun and has been made according to the Kudo official rules.


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