Our story

Dojo Surplus was founded in 2017 by Brian Duncan with one goal – to source the highest quality martial arts products at affordable prices. This was done to provide better equipment for his martial arts school and others he was connected with.

The company quickly morphed into a place that, not only sourced the best products, but found and partnered with other companies that did the same. Dojo Surplus does this by following three guidelines: find products that serve a purpose, find products that have high quality and durability, and partner with companies that are innovating (not remaining stagnant).

In 2018, Dojo Surplus further enlarged its business by going online as an e-commerce website for martial arts supplies for schools and the general public. In addition, a full effort was undertaken to create an online community of practitioners from all different arts and provide educational content and training resources in the form of videos and articles.

Dojo Surplus (and its founder, Brian Duncan) has a high love and regard for martial arts and its communities believing in the old Japanese saying – Hanawa Sakuragi Hito Wa Bushi – Amongst the flowers the cherry blossom, amongst man the warrior.

Dojo Surplus - Premier martial arts supplies for karate, bjj, judo, MMA and more.

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